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As I said in ten forward, this is bigger exposure than some network TV ads. Three million people just saw this. And most of the 500 responses in under 15 minutes seem to think it's cool/funny and want to know what the game is and where to get one.

The STO folks should look at maybe adding another color nanopulse to the game in Takei's honor and making it something that people who pick up the game now could get, since the purple nanopulses would be hard for new players to get.

Maybe as an added 3rd anniversary freebie available from Akira Sulu? Maybe a different color to preserve the collectibility of blue/red/purple ones?
Sulu wore gold in TOS... How about a Yellow nanopulse blade on something with a hilt that is akin to a fencing foil...

An apropriate nod to this moment in Trek history
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