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01-11-2013, 02:19 PM
Q: (justin2384) Could we see a way where two or maybe even more smaller fleets could for an alliance and build a star base together?

Dstahl: This is an interesting option ? or similarly, the ability for Fleets to merge ? that we are considering as a way for smaller fleets to handle some of the challenges to building a Starbase. Nothing has been decided but it is definitely an interesting option. It would be useful to know if other fleets feel this would be worthwhile or if there are concerns over something like this
I would definitely want to see options for fleet alliances.

The notion of fleet mergers leaves me a bit nervous, though, especially considering the number of times forum posters have complained about fleets being raided or harmed by people they thought they could trust. The widely-publicized Guiding Hands take-down in EVE is an eye-opening cautionary tale highlighting what STO shouldn't allow to happen.

I think having the option to merge is a good idea, but there should be some checks and balances and some way for fleet members to opt-out of the merge.
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