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01-11-2013, 02:25 PM
We do have several new ship designs in the works, along with some older designs from both the TOS and Enterprise era.
You piqued my interest!

Though I'm betting that Enterprise-Era ship, one is likely the Andorian ship. But the TOS-Era, so many possibilities.

One of our long term goals is to allow Fleets the ability to customize and/or create their own ships, but we want to make more customization parts for existing ships before we implement that.
Didn't think this was still going to happen, haven't heard anything about this for years. I could easily see Warp Core slots being added and it changes the nacelle design.

We plan to increase the level cap in the future so that captains will be able to obtain the Full Admiral Rank.
Be nice if we could restructure the rank system where end-game is Captain and save Admiral for unique cases like Fleet Leaders.

Q: (Stojonathan) Any chance of seeing the Enterprise-J ingame?
Dstahl: Unfortunately, there is very little chance that you?ll see this ship in the game due to its massive size. It is too big in comparison to other ships and would cause issues with gameplay. That doesn?t rule out the possibility of seeing other Enterprise ships between ENT-F and ENT-J, though.
While I never saw it as a player ship, I really doubt the claims on the size causing gameplay issues. The Enterprise-J is no bigger than ESD (Diameter-wise at the docking level).

So I could easily see the Enterprise-J showing up in a future time travel episode.

But the other Enterprise G, H, and I, now thats interesting. Though I'm nervious about the can of worms this might open up with the community after the DTNE.

As far as Reputations go, we are planning to introduce several new Reputations over the next two years. Some of the reputations being considered include PvP, FED/KDF Warfront, Tholian Task Force, Foundry Play, and Crafting, to name a few.
I still have doubts about a PvP reputation system, due to the possibility of adding buffs to PvPers, when PvErs don't want to PvP. Not to mention widening the gap between new PvPers and long-term veteran PvPers.

Crafting, I could see it opening new receipes and such.

Q: (ekumulum) The Winter Event was cool. Are you planning on extending it for next year? Do you have something similar in store for spring time?
Dstahl: The Winter Event will be returning next December, and due to this year?s popularity, we are considering adding a companion event mid-year that will offer new challenges and new rewards, while providing a more sunny atmosphere.
Just hope you fix Fast and Flurious with the bugs, like the DQ at that one turn. And getting rid of the farming bot piles.

Q: (maddinm214) When will social zones receive an update?
Dstahl: With the success of the New Romulus and Tholian Adventure Zones, we are looking to go back to our existing social zones and give them a similar treatment. One of the zones being thrown about for a possible Springtime or Summer event is to have it take place on Risa or somewhere similar where all factions could enjoy some fun in the sun.
The next step will be to marry the Foundry to a solid Exploration concept where you can be rewarded for exploring new sectors of randomly (but player created) strange new worlds. That is the basis of what we want to do with Exploration in the future.
Mr. Burns: Excellant

Q: (justin2384) Could we see a way where two or maybe even more smaller fleets could for an alliance and build a star base together?
Dstahl: This is an interesting option ? or similarly, the ability for Fleets to merge ? that we are considering as a way for smaller fleets to handle some of the challenges to building a Starbase. Nothing has been decided but it is definitely an interesting option. It would be useful to know if other fleets feel this would be worthwhile or if there are concerns over something like this.
Definitely would be nice for ways to help smaller fleets.

Could easily see a cooperative where Small Fleets need to complete projects, while Large fleets have members looking to find a project to contribute so they could earn fleet marks.

This way you don't have small fleets falling apart for members who want to join T4 or T5 fleets.

Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
I think having the option to merge is a good idea, but there should be some checks and balances and some way for fleet members to opt-out of the merge.
While I don't mind the option to merge fleets, I rather would like to see a type of cooperative system. That way small fleets who want to stay small, can stay small and not be forced to join a collective.

Not to mention some small fleets have worked hard up til this point and if the large fleet splits apart, that small fleet can't return to where they were, they would have to start over.
NO to ARC!

Season 9.5 = STO's NGE is Here! Welcome to the Grind!

New Crafting = It's not Crafting, is an overblown Reputation System.

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