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Originally Posted by daveyny View Post
As a really huge TOS fan..,

I'm not sure whether to squeee or pass out about this.
My question about the TOS ships, is what is left? Its been a while since I watched those, but I'm pretty sure that the Enterprise and the rest of her class were about it for the Feds, and the D7 is the same for the KDF. So what would be left?

A DY-100 sleeper ship? KHAAAAAAANNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

The Aurora (The space hippy ship)?

Old Style Romulan Bird of Prey? That might be kinda cool, but I doubt it.

If you really stretch the point, the old one nacelle Destroyer/Scout class from the Star Fleet technical manual? It did appear in the movies in the background.

Same for Enterprise era, what's left? There's that other star fleet design witht he arrow head. Some cargo ships, and ships from races that would become federation members, but we're getting an Andorian ship and we already have a Vulcan ship that look like those (hopefully in the case of the Andorian ship). Maybe Xindi ships? That might be cool, but I think they're hitting the bottom of the barrel shooting that far into the past.

Eh, guess we'll find out sooner or later.
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