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So, I started this game like last month (tried when it first when F2P but gave up due to lag at the time) and a friend dropped me a pack of 10 Master keys which I used on the Lock boxes I had picked up at the of them dropped a Mirror Assault Cruiser on me. I am an Engineering Captain (and proud of it!).

Just wondering what build would be best. I've mainly focused on the Engineering section of the Space Skills with occasional forays (usually when I hit three or four up in the Engineering sections) into science and tactical skills that I feel could work for me. I mainly do PvE but would like to foray into PvP.

I could also maybe be talked into giving up my Mirror Assault if someone thinks that I would be better served with something else as I am aiming to make myself and my ship into a Solid Jack-Of-All-Stats/Stone Wall/Mighty Glaicer Tank (I.E. I take hits and hit back just as hard).

And if I hear anyone say I should go Escort due to DPS...I chose Engineer for a dang good reason.

[Also, I got like 36 more Lock Boxes (21 of them Temporal) and would like to unload them to anyone or any fleets that want them for Commander level gear.]

Edit2: These are the skills I have and the ones I got access to through my Brigde Bunny BOffs.

Starship Weapons Proficiency, Driver Coil, Starship Batteries, Hull Repair, Starship Shield Emitters all maxed.

Lt. Commander
Energy Weapons & Projectile Weapons 3, Structural Integrity 7, Subsystem Repair 6, Warp Core Efficiency 7, Power Insulators and Shield Systems 3

Targeting Systems 1, Starship Electro-Plasma/Warp Core Potential 4
My BOffs
Tactical 1 (Andorian Female): Tactical Team 1, Beam Target Shields 2, Attack Pattern Beta 2

Tactical 2 (Human Female): Tactical Team 1, Beam Target Engines 2

Science 1 (Trill Female): Science Team 1, Tractor Beam 2, Photonic Shockwave 1

Science 2 (Bajoran Female): Polarize Hull 1, Energy Siphon 1

Engineering 1 (Vulcan Female): Emergency Power to Shields 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1, Eject Warp Plasma 1

Engineering 2 (Borg Female): Emergency Power to Weapons 1, Engineering Team 2
I heard Tac Team was good which is why I went for it and then went for having all three teams at once. As I said, this is just to knwo what to do with the Mirror Assault and maybe want to do when I hit Captain.

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