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Originally Posted by cyberpunkfalcon View Post
How come we can't go through the DS9 wormhole?
That'll likely come at a later date when we've got a Dominion Social Zone / Story Focus to look forward too. They're probably more focused toward filling up the Alpha and Beta Quadrants for the moment.

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When will we get to play as the Romulans?
I suspect Season 10 at the earliest. Season 8 and 9 are suppose to be big, and are suppose to include KDF content. They're then going to need to allow themselves time to work on a Romulan faction, thus I'd call it in at Season 10, if by then.

Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Be nice if we could restructure the rank system where end-game is Captain and save Admiral for unique cases like Fleet Leaders.
This would make the most sense from a cannon/lore point of view. It is the Captains that fly the ship, not a Universe full of Admirals.

In a Perfect World (not PWE) you'd have your Captain (your main character) that would command your ship, and be the one you use when in all social zones. Ground Missions should have allowed for a First Officer Selection (someone you promote to such status the second you get your first ship). Captain's shouldn't be running around on planets with hostile aliens everywhere. The Captain goes down with the ship, not the away team.

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Ok ... I want to hear it said from a Dev that the KDF is still getting their own free ship during the anniversary event.
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
We've confirmed this many times I also talked about it at the end of the premiere episode of "On Screen!"


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One could argue that the rumored K'vort isn't a new ship.