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01-11-2013, 04:17 PM
Honestly Easier to get gear, 1000 omega marks 10 processors, 32 k dilithium and other stuff for each piece. Unless you have been stockpiling everything through out the leveling process dont see how this is considered easy considering all that is needed for each piece.

PWE changed things because people didnt like the idea of chance to get the gear because too many people whined about it so they did the rep system which is fine but if you are gonna classify something as easy...make it easy. Even from a elite STF you only collect 75 at most...even if you do them all on elite that is only couple hundred per cooldown and most people dont have that kind of time to sit and run all those stf's and if you do well....

Enough ranting for now...looking forward to more changes and see what gets broke next and not fixed
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