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01-11-2013, 04:37 PM
Originally Posted by pascalb1 View Post
Max 8 members per team


- you may have 8 members max

- if you loose some members due to any problems ( real life, kicked from the team ),
you may delete those and add new players who do not belong to another team. Always make sure though to not have more then 8 players total. That will be possible through out the tournament.
Thank you, and a follow up question.

Would it be exploiting this rule if we were to remove players so that we can play with diffrent teams depending on who's available.


PlayerA plays with the rest of the team

PlayerA is removed from the team PlayerB is added. PlayerB plays with the team this week.

PlayerB is removed from the team PlayerA is added back on. PlayerA plays with the team this week.

And one more thing, how long can we expect the tournament to go on? (Is my example, with weeks included, too long of a time span?)

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