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Originally Posted by stulpnagel View Post

Lt.Comm Universal. ( tac) - fire will 1 / high yield 2 / spread 3
Ensign universal. (sci) - hazard emmiters 1
Lt. (tac) - overload 1 / target shield subs 2
Comm. (eng) - emergenci power to shields 1 / engin team 2 / power to dampers 2 / structural field 3
Lt. (sci) - transfer shield strenght 1 / tractor beam 2
Lets try this. Almost the same setup but will likely work better while keeping a similar feel.

Cmdr Engineer: Emergency To Weapons 1, Engineering Team 2, Emergency To Shields 3, Structural Field 3
LtCmdr Universal (tac): Tactical Team 1, Spread 2, Attack Pattern Omega 1
Lt Tactical: Fire At Will 1, High Yield 2
Lt Sci: Tractor Beam 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2
Ens Universal (sci): Hazard 1

Active Space Doffs
Tractor Beam Officer (Free from Arucanis Arm colonization)
2-3 Damage Control Officers (proc reduces cooldown on your Emergency powers, replicatable Emergency Engineering Hologram counts)
1-2 Conn officer (reduce the cooldown on Tactical Team, be sure to get the right one)

The changes
Attack Pattern Omega: It gets you out of tractor beams and helps with turning when you need to, plus it boosts your offense and defense besides.
Tactical Team: Don't leave home without it, especially when running STFs. The shield balancing is a lifesaver, and getting those boarding parties off your ship is important
Emergency To Weapons: Controlling all the beam drain is a pain, and trading an ensign eng slot for +20ish power is well worth it.
Emergency To Shields 3: You're big and slow and tanky, and the more punishment you can soak the better. FIND an engineer to teach you; its well worth it.
Swapping Tractor Beam and Transfer Shields: TB1 is 85% as good as TB2, and most targets shouldn't last long enough to matter anyways. Extra shield healing and tanking is always good however.