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My KDF tac captain is getting close to level 40, which means the next ship I get I'll be stuck with for a while. I was thinking about getting a Negh'var and saving for a Z store ship in the future (though I'm not sure what yet, they all look really good on paper at least). I was thinking about a cruiser mainly because while I am a tac, I don't want to have another escort (my fed tac flies an escort and I want a change of pace), so I don't really want a raptor or BoP, the latter of which is probably too delicate for me to keep alive anyway?but I'm open to any and all suggestions.
Try the Vo'Quv-I guarantee a carrier with a turn of 5.5 and pet-spam will definitely be a true change of pace if you're used to FedScorts.

Alternate to that, the Vor'cha and it's variants are probably the finest combat cruisers in the game that you can get without opening a lockbox or spending millions of EC on the exchange, and the Negh'var's not a bad option either-so long as you can run a Fed Assault Cruiser competently on your other side of the fed/kdf divide. (this may be a better option if you LIKE flying Escorts on your Fed Alts.)

Alternately, you could option for the Klink Cruiser, then save your Dil./zen, buy fleet modules, and get what is arguably the single BEST cruiser in the game-aka the Tor'Kaht.

Which is what I'd recommend to someone who doesn't feel comfortable in a BoP. (hey, I do, but then, I LOVED BoP's so much that my main flies nothing BUT...)
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