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I flew a Vo'Quv on my old Sci KDF captain ( I replaced him with my tac because I'm going playing through from the beginning with my brother). BoPs on that were fantastic. The only downside to that ship was the fact it only has 6 weapons, which made it difficult for me to create a balanced build. I am a science ability junkie, so the more sci boff slots the better. I'm not in a fleet at the moment so I don't have access to the Tor'kaht (yet), but it looks like a great ship. I'm not entirely opposed to flying a BoP, I'm just concerned that as a tactical captain it would be extremely difficult to keep it alive.
My "Main" is a Tac Captain, and yeah, a BoP is tricky to keep alive-esp. pugging STFs where I end up drawing aggro well beyond what I should compared to the Feds I often find myself teamed with.

EVEN the ones in Defiants and Adv. Escorts.

Having "presets" in your power-settings helps, so do engine and shield batteries-with a BoP you can't (and shouldn't try to) hulltank. For my case, I run two copies of APO (1 and 2, sometimes 2 and 3), two Tac Teams (1 and 2), and multiple Hazards on STF runs along with TSS and EPtS, with the "balance shields" button on the main list, and I avoid AOE powers like a plague-like I said, specc'd correctly a BoP can often draw Aggro even when specced for Stealth instead of Threat Control.

It's easier with a Raptor, but only because the menu it gives you really, really, narrows your options on what you can actually DO with your layout.
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