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01-11-2013, 07:30 PM
I had two Infected Elite STF's in one night where while we are hitting the 1st transformer a Klink in a carrier had his pets blow the Gen while we were still killing the Cube. And once the Cube was gone and we were trying to save the optional his BOP's were already killing a gen on the other side. And he wouldent respont to hails or Chat. Lesson? If you cant or won't control your pets do not bring a carrier to an STF. And also why is it that whenever you have someone who is completly screwing up an STF like blowing a Cube in Cure or Spawning 4 cubes and not killing them in Khitomer always off of Chat. You can PM them and type your butt of trying to get them to listen and they just keep on going with no reply.