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01-11-2013, 08:31 PM
yes i just wnt down a bit ago. it looks like champ online had a big patch I believe they also fixed some major bugs with the gateway. whenever they patch the XXmp connection seems to go a bit iffy id relog your games make sure you have all your PW games patched up. Im sure it will be back up soon.

oh looks like bran beat me to it.... btw I LOVE the XMPP chat it is accually why we started playing sto we were on champ online i was directed to sto wiki to set it up and i just fell in love with sto. not to mention eveyone discussing breeding tribbles on the global chanals also got me curious, Heck my hubby has accually been debating lifetime in both games....

I know a lot of people focus on the negitives in games these days. but combined chatserver/xmpp/ect is complete win even if it goes down at times. Good job whoever thought of it.

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