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01-11-2013, 07:54 PM
Originally Posted by poopbang View Post
Seriously, why are we getting all these ships that are from the past? I can under stand T1-3, but T4+ should all be 25 century style. C'mon cryptic, common senseplease.
At the risk of sounding repeatitive (since others have said it). Cryptic is trying to cater to all fanbases.

There are people like me, who like canon ships. We like to feel a part of the shows we loved to watch for (what is for some people) most of our lives and nearly all of our growing up. I have little to know interest in non-canon ships. I want to fly something I recognize. The Vesta and Amassador classes have been clamored by the fans for ages.

I am not saying that folks like yourself shouldn't get their new "25th Century" Ships. It would be stupid of Cryptic to overlook either group. Both are part of the game and both have an equal right to get the ships they want and be able to fly them.

Any ship below T5 isn't going to sell well, and for some of them, probably isn't worth the development costs. Much as I love the NX class, I have not and am still debating ever purchasing it. why? cause it isn't worth my time. why should I pay money (via Zen) for a ship I am going to use for 2 days and then it is going to be obsolete.