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01-11-2013, 08:13 PM
Intresting fact: The Stargazer was a kit bash from 2 Revelle Enterprise A models and a Gundam model. If you look closley at the Ship you can see the Enterprise A's parts all over it. There are some intresting facts about the ship. Its 4 Nacells gave it some special abilities that other ships did not have. Such as being able to make tight turns at warp, By adjusting the warp fields of Each Nacelle at diffrent frequencies would cause the ship to make manuevers other ships couldent. Kind of like Bow plain thrusters on todays ships. And abilities like the Picard manuver. The only reason the ship Class was decommissioned was it had Faulty fire supression systems and the internal dampeners were unable to compensate for the beefed up warp field and caused it crew to suffer from nausea and motion sickness. I would love if you could have "Trophy Ships" in this game like Kirks Enterprise refit. with the authentic motion picture interior, Arboretum and everything. The Stargazer, Voyager and other famous ships from the books and movies and shows. even if they were just skins and interior packs. To be able to Walk around our favorite ships is great. I love the TOS pack, I just wich it was bigger. ANd we have a Pack for every famous ship.