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01-11-2013, 08:17 PM
"A ghost? You expect me to believe ... that?"
Bracing herself for a blow that didn't come, the Orion engineer nodded.
"Yes, Commander. There are no life signs in that area of the ship, no strange readings, but something on deck 13 has killed four crewmen."

"Probably just the incompetence of this crew," the commander growled. With a long, reluctant hissing sigh, she rose, her tail lashing behind her as she stalked towards the turbolift. "But, fine. I shall go and see what is going on. Return to your post, engineer Villa, and tell your crews to fear nothing on this ship except for me."

As she arrived on the desered deck, Rudiar growled quietly to herself. The alliance between her people and the Klingon Empire had certainly benefitted them, but some of these Klingon officers were just too incompetent to live. Literally, in several cases. There were no life signs down here, and none of the usual signs of an energy being annoying them. Most likely the crewmen had gotten drunk and killed themselves with their stupidity.

Ten minutes later, Rudiar found herself reconsidering that assumption. She had seen nothing, but her ears and nose has been twitching constantly as muffled noises and indistinct scents tickled her senses. Either she had given in to the incompetence that plagued the KDF, or there was something down here. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the smells, picking out the one oddity amongst the stench of Klingons and the musk of Orions, following the odd trail until it led her to a blank stretch of bulkhead.
Releasing another growl, she turned to stalk back to the bridge and to leave this foolishness behind her.
Ears twitching as the sounds around her changed, Rudiar had only a slight moment to prepare before a sudden blow to her head sent her staggering. Lashing out blindly, the Ferasan felt her claws striking something, a few drops of green staining the fur on her fingers.
Ducking back instinctively, she felt the passage of something just in front of her face, a decaptitation strike that she had somehow managed to avoid.

Hissing, she pounced forwards, feeling something falling beneath her as she clawed frantically at apparently empty air, ignoring answering blows to her face.
Her claws catching on something, she pulled, part of a strange device appearing in her hand before a black and gray form appeared beneath her.
With whatever it was that had been hiding it destroyed, the intruder registered on the ship's sensors.
Grinning ferally, Rudiar shifted her weight, holding the interloper down, knowing that security teams would be here soon.

The intruder was, of all things, a Reman. Female, and without the weathered look that the rest of her kind seemed to possess.

Then Rudiar found herself flying backwards, struggling to come back to her feet as something flung her off the intruder.

Telekinesis, she reminded herself, remembering the few times she had fought Remans before.
Launching herself at the Reman again, Rudiar found an elbow in her face, followed by fists and feet in several sensitive spots.
As the sounds of the inevitable security team reached Rudiar's ears, the Reman had picked herself back up. Puasing only to kick the Ferasan in the face one last time, the Reman pressed something on a small device, vanishing in a transporter beam.