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Just wondering if a torp boat would be feasable on my breen ship using my kdf and the kdf space set mk xii.

Using transphasics and other breen weapons like cluster thing and rapid fire and maybe turrets in the back with a cutting beam. Would i be any good dps wise to be heavy hitter and do decent damage compared to 4dhc and turrets setup. Tho i probably expect too much from a torp boat but with the kdf buff to torps, a few projectile doffs and a lt comm sci on a more or less heavy escort i thought maybe i could pull it off.

I want to make the build as best i could to avoid shields i.e the transphasics and maybe plasma burn turrets and a omega and romulan torp when i get around to unlocking em which could be awhile as im low in the rep system for my kdf.

Im really used to dealing massive damage in a short time with my usual builds but fancied a change and thought a torp hull hitter might be an idea on the breen ship.

Anyhow thoughts?