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Originally Posted by huas31r View Post
There are diminishing returns on all consoles. You don't get 120%.
Very simple disproof of this: remove all your tactical consoles and look at the tooltip for one of your weapons. Equip one tactical console and take note of the increase in the tooltip of the same weapon. Equip a second console and take note of the increase from the second number (hint: it's exactly the same, plus or minus some display rounding). Do this again for a third and fourth console, if applicable. The consoles DO stack without diminishing returns, they just only modify the base damage, not the damage added by the previous console(s). This does mean that your TOTAL damage doesn't increase at the same percentage rate, but that's not diminishing returns. Each console is exactly as effective as the last one.

Additionally, the diminishing returns on resistance isn't on a per-console basis, but rather a continuous diminishing return. What this means is that if you, for example, have no resistances and equip a +30 resistance console that increases your resistance to 10%, a +60 console, without any other modifier, isn't going to give you 20% but something less. This applies to ALL sources of hull damage resistance, not just consoles, so it's not the consoles that are getting diminishing returns, it's the values themselves. It still means that each console will provide less true damage resistance that the one before it though, but the theory is that each console of the same value adds roughly the same amount to your "time to live" i.e. each console adds x seconds to your expected ability to survive sustained incoming fire.

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