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01-11-2013, 11:57 PM
That's a pretty good summary of the initial testing, only thing that is not clear from the log excerpt as posted is that there was a small delay (0.1s) in the double proc, with the first occurring at 13:01:12:00:14:46.9 and the second at 13:01:12:00:14:47.0 according to the combat log. Also note that this double proc occurred with only one shield proc console in use. Additional testing with a higher rate of fire is still required to try and get better confirmation of the 10s cool down applying to all consoles of a type and to reproduce additional double/multi-procs. However, initial results suggest that only the plasma embassy consoles are worth running more than one of as they do stack, whereas additional shield and hull consoles only serve to get you marginally closer to the 10s cooldown.
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