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01-12-2013, 12:42 AM
I this case, I gotta say these really aren't a huge problem. I'm not saying they aren't powerful or anything.

For the DP thing...that is probably a bug, so if that needs to get fixed, then it should be of course.

But, these mines, while strong, can still be resisted with Power Insulators due to them being a shield draining effect. Plus I think they are boosted by Flow Capacitors (could be wrong), so if you haven't done that, they won't be as good.

In PvE, most things have SO much shielding it matters little, and the things that truly do get hit well enough by these you can kill easily enough without them.

In PvP, is, where most things do, they shine. They are powerful and very effective, but still only are mines. And only shield stripping mines. A good team is going to see and hear those mines the first time they are used, so any time after that, they know what to expect. On top of that, the person using them has to use a weapon slot, and potentially a BOFF slot to use a DP. Plus the 200 lobi cost to get them in the first place.

They are powerful, but I think they have enough counter-balancing not to need the nerf bat. If anything, they might have some bugs that need to get ironed out.