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01-11-2013, 11:42 PM
Yeah I forgot to hit refresh earlier too didn't even know the ask cryptic was even out. I do have to say it has inspired me and based off the either new added text in mine enemy or either I didn't remember it from that sounds like the iconians are manipulating all of the enemy factions to an extent. I saw where it said the Fek'ihr are massing for an attack pretty much under new leadership LOL.

I kinda wish I could have the first city template in foundry to create one of other iconic cities on Qo'nos in a foundry mission there is one that is suppossed to be like the twin city of the first city and would even be great to have a back drop of what we used to see in TNG of the KDF Headquarters to give it the kind of feel we get in adventure zones or even have one put like that for the KDF

A year and a half ago if anything was said wanting KDF content in forums or ask cryptics it was usually some of us you could count on one hand but especially from these ask cryptics it seems just like the Cryptic Live Team that the KDF has grown quite a bit too I guess both of those aspects kind of put some renewed faith in me plus season 8 and I don't mind it being in may especially since its around my birthday but gives a lot of time to get this new content done on alts before the next big thing hits.

I do have to say from the time when it seemed so gloom and nothing was coming out to now it has gone in a great direction. There just were some rough patches *excuse the pun* rofl but its great to have something to look forward to when there hasn't been much for me to look forward too in a long time