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01-11-2013, 11:50 PM
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That sounds lile an excellent idea for a KDF themed STF.
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And being multifaction, it benefits everyone. Many good ideas for what the STF could be about like the Felkiri for example exist to pull from as Zues mentioned
Yeah actually TBH I was in the gloom and doom mode but after the ask cryptic it brought me back into the light for a moment rofl. Another idea is sort of have some group of people who are much much much better than I am at making foundry missions all take a scenario like STF's do build it in a timely manner and then all of us KDF players could use those series of things for a KDF themed event and possibly Cryptic could possibly use it to help out the KDF from there because technically that is what the foundry is really for imo. The issue though is that because with every technology there are those out to exploit it that the system still requires Cryptic to get hands on but with a community like the one with STO it could work out to be fun and enjoyable with a plot like this