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01-12-2013, 02:35 AM
What Would Kirk Do (WWKD) console and ground kit collection.

Space variant would automatically make every bridge officer pregnant, regardless of race and in some cases even sex. In about 20/30 years these children will be available as potential Bridge Officers, who have rubbish stats but you have to use them or the parents will sue for maintenance.

Ground kit will automatically deletes any and all clothing off your character from the waist up, it will then perform a terrible attempt at stage fighting and all enemies within range fall and play dead for 20 seconds.

And a special KDF console, on release to celebrate the STO anniversary.

Barrel of 2309 - Gets the entire crew of the ship completely drunk. The player will hear their captain and bridge officers sing Klingon opera really loud and very badly. After 30 seconds a fight breaks out on the bridge and the self destruct activates because someone thought it was the replicator.

Bonus damage to all weapons: +1%

Accuracy rating: -95%