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01-12-2013, 05:09 AM
Originally Posted by alexhurlbut View Post
A solution for the AFKers in PVE bouts;
Track their damage/healing output (which is already done in some of the PvE bouts). Keep the information of "how much it take to be not considered AFK" a secret so the lazy players cannot figure it out and then just try to contribute the *absolute* minimum. This "minimum" line to be considered not AFK would varied from PvE bout to bout and varied between normal and elite modes as well.
if you do consider this, please be careful about it, one of my alts is a pacifist VA and doesn't kill or damage. Depending on the team the healing contributed is widely varied and her contributions are largely non-quantifiable (for example tanking Armek like she is made of diamond)

The easiest thing to do imo is to add personal console click checkpoints to make sure people are active as healing and even damage output can be automated