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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
The art team did extensive research on the base model of the Enterprise-C, including looking at official IP sources. The images they saw did not have escape pods on the underside of the saucer (and *I* don't think there is a torpedo launcher, either, as Azurian pointed out). If there are any canon resources out there that have these two features, post them in this thread and I will pass them along


Brandon =/\=
i was thinking too that it looked a bit plain and checked pictures of it for escape pods, could not find any

//edit: and now i see this:

but they were not on the 1701-C


a torp launcher should be there, that is a detail that just wasn't needed for the TV episode (the ship was never firing), but they said they had torpedo launchers! And in STO of course we need weapon hard points, i think even CBS told you so. (just no more "pimples" plz)

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