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01-12-2013, 05:38 AM
It's possible, I mean a good stf team has both scaffers (Hull scaffers), strippers (Sheild stripping), and demolitions. Usually Demolitions (Splash damage) The the heavy lifting in the gate and tac fioghts I always enjoy seeing a high yeild tricobolt or plasama or both hurtling towards the enemy since my build is a hybrid of the scaffer and stripper styles I can't do any demolitions whatsoever.

But personally I think you should leave the transphasic's at home if you have players with DHC's stripping and punching holes for you you might as well bring your heavy artillery and wait your turn to take a well warranted and well needed crack at the enemies hull.

The rest of that just seems gimicy and may just have both players and yourself scratching your head and saying "Wah?"

The breen set is just a joke, a bad joke at that so it makes it worst. And no one in the world, no one, like the joke to be on them and I'm not sure why players insist on trying to make it happen, in the end you will just end up with yolk on your face and relegated to a back story of someones that starts with "Remember when we did that Estf and that one guy came in with..."