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01-12-2013, 05:46 AM
Originally Posted by lordcorrino View Post
Fleet Torkhat (Vorcha). The feds have nothing like it. Slap a pair of RCS consoles on it and arm it with all DHC and Turrets and enjoy a true battlecruiser. Great ship. I rolled a TAC just to be able to fly this ship to its capacity.
For PvE, you don't need any high turnrate ... for PvP you should consider beam setup (you will be outmanouvered frequently by escorts).

Instead of 2 RSC, I would go plasmonic leech, Borg and 2x Neutronium in Eng, than 2 field gen in Science (or 1 field and Romulan) and and what to put in the tactical console slot should be very clear ...

... of course rainbow power!