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01-12-2013, 06:47 AM
Personally I use Bfaw3 with beta 2

I'm a free world type myself, share and share alike and with Befaw everything you touch get's a little reminder that it's going to die soon... it's like super cancer or something. It's like everyone get's to have fun with your beta so think of it not as you doing damage but as you helping others to achieve the same or higher damage as you are currently putting out.

Befaw is not a personal skill it's almost like a direct damage shout in the way that not only does it give every enemy every debuff skill and buff skill you are running be it Beta, Alpha, Delta, FoMM, GDF, The list goes on, you are basically telling all these eneme's "Hey you over there, I just caused you an early death, now look this way while my buddy, you're original target cracks you in the noggin with a bat."

I just love the skill, i live and breath BFaw... my first son will be named Bfaw... he shall be uber!