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01-12-2013, 07:01 AM
Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
this is not true. i had polie getting extends, he used tss an rsp with my 1 turrent to shoot to get it to spin. he had maxed insulaters with borg deflector and still it riped off his shields. even old sci strip never did that. also for a mine hat will just pwn all shield facing should not have a debuff attached to it.
If that's the case then, they aren't resisting it enough.

I don't mean what you were doing, I mean Power Insulators itself. If even with all that you can still rip shields off like that, then something needs to be adjusted somewhere. Power Insulators should help a lot more than that.

I don't think they need to be totally nerfed or anything, due to their somewhat limited PvE usage. My thought is to look at toning down the shield stripping each mine does if you use it in a DP. Maybe also make them more need Flow Capacitors to be effective. I feel they should still be nasty if you get hit, but also that they should need some effort to be used well.

I own these btw. Don't really use em in PvP, but I've still gotten a lot of good use from em regardless.

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