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Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
If that's the case then, they aren't resisting it enough.

I don't mean what you were doing, I mean Power Insulators itself. If even with all that you can still rip shields off like that, then something needs to be adjusted somewhere. Power Insulators should help a lot more than that.
I think resists from Power insulators are working against these mines, however, these things are insanely powerful. With a spec in Flow Capacitors and consoles you can easily get over 1,000 shield drain per mine. Then if you have a dispersal pattern beta to work you can deploy 7/10/13 mines respectively (I believe). It's correct that the amount of time that these things are cycled is a bit much given how effective they can be. I'm not sure how Cryptic should address a nerf but I don't believe increasing the effectiveness of power insulators is the way to go given that it affects so many other things. These mines were a poor design. Remember these mines work like a CPB or Tachyon beam and ignore shield resistance from TSS and Extend and do straight up shield damage.

Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
Maybe also make them more need Flow Capacitors to be effective.
Flow capacitors will increase their effectiveness.

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