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Originally Posted by doubleohnine View Post
NO GRIND OR RISA REPUTATION SYSTEM! Are you people crazy? We have enough reputations bleeding us dry.

My wish list:

Risa needs to be as big as New Romulus. Go big or dont update it. I want to actually have fun on Risa and be on vacation.

In 2409, I see the Risa cliff face having a tall yet thin hotel that climbs up the face of the cliff. Bottom level is a casino and gift shop, that links to Z store item. Make 4 distinct playable levels. 5th floor is Holosuits, with doors for foundry authors. 10th floor has deluxe suites that are empty rooms that foundry authors can place contacts. 15th floor is a nightclub on roof of hotel that overlooks beach.

If winter event has us iceskating, for summer I want to go boating or kayacking or paddle boating for the race event. Cant you guys make a small kayak form around our toons sitting in it? The water race trail should be long. Race starts and ends at beach, but path goes into narrow river inland that has forks in river for alternate routes. I want to be sitting at a river side bar and see boat racers go by as I sip my drink and type in chatbox.

Subterrainian gardens: The neatest spot on Risa is that cave. Well, go big. Make a labyrnth down there. Midway deep is a garden club to chat at. Have bat creatures to shoot at. Deep in cave is a lava river. Have jumping areas to hop around this area like playing hot lava on the couch as a kid. In the middle is a round arena mat to challenge NPCs to melee combat and try to avoid lava. This deep area caters to KDF.

Fly fishing: If Im going to grind the F key, make it fit. Fed or KDF can fly fish along stream for tropical fish. Make us move around up and down stream for moving hotspots. We try to catch rare fish, and turn them in at resort. By themselves they pay out good consumables, or 5 rare fish with a little zen buys something cool in z store.

Holosuit: For Feds, Old West town. Simulate shootout at OK Corral, 5 players vs NPCs. Buy cooler outfits and better period guns in Z store.

For KDF, simulate The Hunt for targs or something or a big melee only fight against NPC enemies. Klingon vacation is just cooler fighting opportunities.
If they are going to make a big update we are going to need a reason to hang around....lots of mini games are fun for a while...but then what it will become a ghost town in no time.