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there isnt a spawn camping problem in game, there is a players suck problem in game. 90% of the time, theres such a skill miss match that the battle just ends up outside a spawn. rarely is it malicious intentional spawn camping. if the matchmaking is so poor that the other team couldn't if their life depended on it put up any sort of fight, then prepare to get spawn camped so this pathetic match can end as quickly as possible
So you are guilty of spawn killing. KDF teams are the most guilty in spawn killing because they have more NPC frigates , fighters, siphon drones, and drops like acceton assimilators that makes it difficult for the the station defenses to target the players. House of Beautiful Orions is one of the most notorious teams that do this as soon as the game starts. People will continue to spawn camp as long as the game allows them to. Its doesn't matter if players on ones side is less skilled than the other. When the match is PUGS vs established teams, most like the established teams are going to win because they can coordinate attacks better. They can communicate using media devices which gives them a great advantage over PUG teams. That is why I am an advicate of separating the PVP servers so established teams can go against established teams and PUGS vs PUGS. Until the devs get this idea they should at least fix the spawning so that players be given a fair chance to recover without dying as soon as they appear. The game is not being taken care of by the devs. Before Season 5 spawn gates were working properly and the C&H starbases had strong base defenses that easily killed you if you came too close. More and more players, new and old are hating PVP rather than PVE because of the spawn camping. Thats why it is hard to queue up for Fed vs KDF because people are afraid that some good KDF established team will be in there spawn camping and making the experience miserable. Spawn camping is making PVP less attracktive for new and old players. Even whole teams are camped on from the begining. When you appear, your buffs are not active making you an easy target.

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