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01-12-2013, 10:08 AM
Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
Personally, I wish I had them so I could test them out better and be sure on why they are so strong. But I don't have the Lobi right now.
This is why its unlikely they will get nerfed, they cost mucho dinero and I really dont see then going to tell people that forked over 200 Lobi for it and thats about 40 keys meaning 4000 Zen.

A similar argument could be leveled to the Field Generator as its "unfair" to have 20% Shields and its not a easy available console by any means as it never drops and can only be crafted or brought in the D Store in its Blue Mk XI version, as a potential reward of a DOFF assignment, a potential reward of the DOFF pack or brought from the Exchange.

Fact is this game is not in any way fair in PvP, if you want to be competitive you have to pay Cryptic and you cannot get away with being Captain Tightwad for long, eventually the wealthier players will win out because they have the blig they PAID for with REAL MONEY (at least someone did) over people with budget constrains and less decked out ships.

In short, this is not a FREE PvP game, you want to be top of the game ... you have to pay Cryptic and their benevolent Overlords since they are not doing this for charity.

Oh I suppose Power insulators might get buffed but that would just lead to other issues and the usual rage-quit, I doubt there are that many players using a expensive B2W console anyway to be a widespread issue, also we all know what happened when they nerfed the stasis pistol to LOL WORTHLESS status because of the usual crying game every time Cryptic adds something that goes against at the static environment that STO PvPers wish to maintain.

(Even if, granted, they can be problematic but hey! mucho dinero to pay their electric bills)

(Yes, I am quite aware I am being very snaky about this)