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01-12-2013, 10:23 AM
I constantly have to re-mash my space bar or ctrl+space bar to fire weapons because they won't fire despite having all weapons on auto-fire. 4-4 of them will usually go and then I have to hit it again to get the other 3-4 to fire as well. I'm constantly weaving about which means weapons going out of and into their firing arcs, and when they re-enter viable firing arcs they don't like to resume or they don't like to resume on the first space press but rather the second...

There's also some kind of insanely annoying UI lag that's tied to the FPS and latency. If you're in very intense combat and your FPS drops down into the single digits then about 60% of your tray clicks don't register. Period. I find myself being forced to use the keyboard commands for everything just to stay alive. A similar thing happens with latency when you fire off a power only to have it go into immediate 2-5 second "oh wait I wasn't ready yet" cooldown.
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