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01-12-2013, 10:44 AM
Originally Posted by rooster75 View Post
I think resists from Power insulators are working against these mines, however, these things are insanely powerful. With a spec in Flow Capacitors and consoles you can easily get over 1,000 shield drain per mine. Then if you have a dispersal pattern beta to work you can deploy 7/10/13 mines respectively (I believe). It's correct that the amount of time that these things are cycled is a bit much given how effective they can be. I'm not sure how Cryptic should address a nerf but I don't believe increasing the effectiveness of power insulators is the way to go given that it affects so many other things. These mines were a poor design. Remember these mines work like a CPB or Tachyon beam and ignore shield resistance from TSS and Extend and do straight up shield damage.

Flow capacitors will increase their effectiveness.
dunno insulators suck if i can take a non specked kdg cpt with 0 skill in anything and suck a ship with 9 insulators dry of all power that might be a bit fail on insulators part... they do work for shield drain but i think the shear amount these rip off you just makes insulators look like a joke of a skill to speck into just like power drain does.