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My KDF tac captain is getting close to level 40, which means the next ship I get I'll be stuck with for a while. I was thinking about getting a Negh'var and saving for a Z store ship in the future (though I'm not sure what yet, they all look really good on paper at least). I was thinking about a cruiser mainly because while I am a tac, I don't want to have another escort (my fed tac flies an escort and I want a change of pace), so I don't really want a raptor or BoP, the latter of which is probably too delicate for me to keep alive anyway?but I'm open to any and all suggestions.
Carrier: Vo'Quv
Battle Carrier: Kar'fi
Battle Cruiser: Vorcha (and Fleet version. Also look for the Mirror ships)
Escort: Qin (Mirror Qin is dirt cheap on the exchange)
Raider: Hegh'ta (or B'rel if you can handle it)

Mirror ships (Exchange - Reward Packs) are dirt cheap. A lot of us fill up our ship roster with those to use as 'storage' ships to keep extra weapons and whatnot. So when you rank up and get the free T4 ship, try not to get anything that can be replaced by a cheap 'Mirror'. There's also the Guramba (or GSD) or Fleet versions of the Scrouge.

Among the advantages the KDF has over the FEDs, superior ships and consoles.


BOP Survivability? Put on a brace of Neutronium & Monotanium armor consoles and make sure you pack 'Hazard Emitters' as one of your Sci skills. That should be enough. Anything else that can overcome that combination would probably kill you regardless of ship-type anyway. Just know when to run ^-^ or have a stack of components. A 'Resilient' type shield is also recommended.