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01-12-2013, 10:48 AM
Originally Posted by shar487a View Post
The Borg shields work quite well for me, even in ESTF's. I only assign 40 base energy to shields, and with spec bonuses, total shield power is in the 60's. I also run two EPtS1's in non-stop rotation with two TacticalTeam1's. I also tend to run max defense at 70.8.

I've also tested the Breen Chel Grett with MACO XII shields. I found that MACO had better staying power against big hits, but Borg Shields recovered much more quickly while taking a lot of incoming enemy weapon fire.
Lots can be said about the borg shield and what it should be. Especially now considering it costs so much to get. I kind of understood the crappy stats on it when i first got it since it only cost 5 Encrypted Data chips which took a few STFs to get. But I seriously think the stats for the borg set need an Overhaul to bring it back on a competitive level with the other end game sets. Minimum Plasma resist should be 20% and I'd even give it the famous Maco 10% all damage resistance. This in my opinion would make it much like a borgified MACO shield..

But while im ranting I can also say that since i can put my weapons on Autofire.. Why not my Boff abilities? I really don't want to set up a macro so i can have my EPTS rotating constantly and I don't feel like i should. I guess it would make too much sense to imagine me sitting in my captains chair and saying "Hey chief Engineer guy! Keep rotating EPTS like our lives depend on it!!"

Anyway! back on Topic. Yes the Breen ship IMHO is great! best free ship to date.