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Originally Posted by voyagerfan9751 View Post
Granted I don't know how plausible a Dominion Faction would be, with The Founders being somewhat "Mythical" within the Dominion ranks, it might be hard to get a playable Founder without some level of lore breaking, but if Cryptic can do it, this is my ideal.
They arent mythical.

Founders are the Dominion's leadership, changelings are not even that uncommon due to then being ... well, not trusting of solids and during the Dominion War they used their abilities to infiltrate, sabotage and subvert enemies and potential enemies on the Alpha Quadrant.

Not to say the amount is measures they taken to assure the loyalty of the Vorta and Jem'Hadar, they were not going to risk some solid to get that much control over the Dominion.

Also after the Dominion War they seem to be content to stay were they are, they have no designs for the Alpha Quadrant with the New Link having little to do with the Dominion, its just Laas that picked up the ones that gone missing and convinced then to start the New Link for their safety (and we all know what happened when they got fed up with Laas and ejected him) along with the Alpha Jem'Hadar that seem to been discarded by the Dominion as well some Cardassian die hards that simply did not had much of a choice.

Of course thats the New Link, considering what the Dominion (and not the New Link) did to Cardassia during the war I think there would be far more chances of the Cardassian Union to became a Federation member that get into a alliance with the Dominion.