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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
There is always going to be a very good chance that an incoming High Yield Plasma torpedo will kill you outright, if it was fired from a Cube or Tac Cube. This is as designed, because they are easily countered by destroying them before they reach the intended target. They can also be outran, by using powers that increase your speed (like Evasive Maneuvers, e.g.).

I've performed extensive testing of targetable torpedo types, alongside our FX team, to ensure that they are not subject to the same FX drop-off issues that cause the infamous "Invisible Torpedo" -- it simply does not happen. This is because the shiny, glowy green HY Plasma balls are not FX, they are Costumes. They will not turn invis, they will not drop off because of excessive particle visuals going off in your vicinity. They may become difficult to see because of FX clutter, but I can guarantee that they are not invisible.

Torpedo Spreads - that's another issue altogether, and one that is currently under review for further tweaking.

The FX drop-off issue in general is something we've been seeking a tech fix for, for a long time now. It was brought to the forefront of our concerns when we rolled out the 20-man Starbase Defense events/missions, and saw it in full swing even in skirmishes taking place on the outlying areas of the map. There is no quick fix for this issue, and it's something we continue to struggle to overcome. The best we can offer at this time, is that it's a limitation we are aware of, and that we do our best to work with when creating and tuning content and encounters.
Good sir:

From my post in some waaah thread about Borg, I posted an instance that indicated a regular torp hit, not spread, not HY, that shaved 97% hull off of my Vesta's max hull after punching through shield.

Same with many postings in this very thread. Either there is a lot of selective editing going on here, where the "high yield" part is being cut out, or - as I vaguely remember from one of your posts on the matter, IIRC the one in which you announced that Borg weapons will not crit anymore - that the high end damage of Borg weapons is "working as intended" - capable of reaching damage levels high enough to one-shot anything that's not a "cruiser"...

If the latter, aka "WAD", then this explains everything we're posting about - normal plasmas are medium-speed non-destructable projectiles that may be subject to VFX "clipping", otherwise their higher speed is capable of making them not noticed. Combined with extreme damage levels capable of "one shotting" a full strength or slightly damaged (via tachyon beam's 100% shield strip, regular array fire, etc.) non-cruiser. As we have been assured that one shots should not exist anymore, we would naturally expect high-end damage values to be ~75% of the weakest ship's max HP, so that it's a physical impossibility to one-shot anything at 80%+ health...
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