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# 1 FAW ACC Bug
01-12-2013, 12:40 PM
Support this thread. This problem has existed for way too long.

Originally Posted by Archived Post View Post
When using Fire at Will the hit rate of the beams drops to the hit rate level of a common turret. The hit rate does not noticeably improve with [Acc] modifiers on the weapons.
I suspect that FAW either ignores [Acc] modifiers or uses a wrong magnitude (e.g. +1% bonus accuracy instead of +10%).

Some sample data (22,7% bonus accuracy vs 54,3% bonus defense):
Turret (common): 79% hit rate
Turret [Acc]x2: 91%
Beam array (common) with FAW2: 75%
Beam array [Acc]x2 with FAW2: 76%
This was a short test (~12min, ~470 shots per weapon), so there is some room for error, but it is already obvious that the [Acc] modifier is not being applied correctly.

How to reproduce:
1) Equip beam arrays and turrets with the same accuracy modifier.
2) Enable the combat log.
3) Shoot at a target with a fixed defense value (that is higher than your bonus accuracy) and use FAW. Keep doing this for a long time to gather useful data.
4) Look at the combat log and calculate the hit rates for beams with FAW and turrets.
5) Repeat steps 1-4 with different accuracy modifiers.
(To make it easier, you can also equip weapons of different energy types with different [Acc] modifiers, so you can test them simultaneously and still have useable combat log data since it distinguishes between different energy types (at least for FAW2).)

Expected Behaviour:
FAW hit rates with a given bonus accuracy level are equal to hit rates with other weapons with the same bonus accuracy.
These test results are from April of 2012 and should be credited to Hilbert (Mancom)

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