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01-12-2013, 01:21 PM
WOW!!!! I did not expect to get this kinda of response let a lone a Dev posting...I thank Branflakes for his posts and explaining that the Dilth store is player driven NOT Dev driven.
I also applaud everyone else for their responses on this subject. Apparently there are others that were/are bothered with the Dilth Store prices.

To the person who question my expendatures in the Z store..yes...I do play STO and do "not" buy everything...just the stuff that was/is worth buying..."to me" get lobi crystals I need to buy keys to open lock boxes for the Lobi's so I can purchase stuff from the Ferengi Trader on Drozana.

I have 15 toons...they take ALOT of TLC to make them happy...

I Do Not have issues spending RL money to support STO when "I believe" we are being treated fair and NOT being take advantage Dilth Econ...Branflakes has cleared up the Dilth Store issue for me. I am satisfied with his response

Overall I am very Happy with STO, but every once in a while, The Gold/LTS members need to speak up and let PWE/Cryptc/STO know that we are NOT drones and will only put up with silly nonsense for so long, before we melt down.

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