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01-12-2013, 02:46 PM
Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
This is why its unlikely they will get nerfed, they cost mucho dinero and I really dont see then going to tell people that forked over 200 Lobi for it and thats about 40 keys meaning 4000 Zen.
I bought with real life money just to test them. im looking for a nerf so cash here is not a problem at all since npc have no resist. since they have no resist any nerf would not affect pve. but the fact i can walk up to a crusier on my escourt and spit out some mines with dpb1 and effectively rip off all shield facings is a big problem. you dont even need to spec flow caps. if you look at info (could be tool tip error) it list nothing to boost it. seems like nothing you do on skill spec will affect it. and for such low cost of giving up 1 turret the gains are so much better. also its an aoe as well. so if your in a ball well guess what? your whole team is left with no shields and a huge debuff for 7 secs of not repairing your shields. just look at shield tool tip after being hit by tact mines and place a tts 3 and extends during the debuff duration. its such bs since "sci" is replaced as shield stripper but a stupid mine.