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01-12-2013, 02:40 PM
Originally Posted by tick0 View Post
This may be the Tier V Romulan Reputation ability known as "Quantum Singularity Manipulation".

From the tooltip: "After 3 seconds, cloaks your ship for 5 seconds. During this time, you may fire your weapons normally."
Maybe. I'm just baffled by how he survives the torpedo hits. My BS-detector went off after seeing the same guy survive twice after losing his shields and having his buffs stripped off with SNB.

Does that ability let you cloak with shields up or something?

I use transphasics on the ship I was playing when I ran into that guy, so usually if they're in flight against a ship with no buffs up and 1% hull health, that ship is done whether they have shields up or not.

I think I've seen that ability a lot on other ships, but I noticed that guy when I was on my sci/sci ship. I usually see through cloaks pretty far out with that, and when I see other players do that I just reacquire them immediately. This guy does it when he's close to me, and if he's just been hit with a charged particle burst or whatever.

It could just be luck I guess. It just seems weird to me that one particular player keeps going to 0% hull and then bouncing back.