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01-12-2013, 03:49 PM
I would have to say I agree with snoge00f. Viral Matrix on a support ship is very troubling in PvP. Replacing it with something like Gravity Well or Charged Particle Burst would remove the issue. As for the question about restrictions on use, I think 75% hull or less would be a good restriction. I don't think an arbitrary despawn timer is needed. I do agree with drkfrontiers, when used my a science officer flying a carrier this becomes quite the spam. A science officer flying a carrier can deploy up to 12 fighters, 3 photonic ships, and 1 Romulan support vessel all at the same time. The easiest solution to the spam problem is to reduce the hit points/shield points on some of the advanced fighter craft (Orion Interceptors, Runabouts, etc.) Some of those craft can barely survive Quantum Torpedo Spread III, which makes the little pets more than a minor nuisance when coupled with the very short redeployment cooldown.