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01-12-2013, 03:54 PM
I think its cute to hear a Vesta pilot complain about NPC pets in PvP. I don't know how many different ways we still have to say this, Brandon. We have too much spam in PvP!
No matter how often you ask for constructive feedback. The decision to put more NPCs into PvP matches, will not become a better idea. And since we have been continuously ignored in this matter, repeating the question, will not get you a different answer, either.

This community has been singing this tune, since carriers were first introduce to the game. Back in the day we complained about mine spam, and carrier pets (S2?, 3?) Now (S7) what more constructive feedback do you want? It was bad back then, we now have feddy carriers, (untested) purple pets, escorts with hangars, sci-ships with hangars, and consumable pets.

Just reread the posts about the consumable scorpion fighters, when the Romulan FE was released, and then imagine how the players from back then, feel about a pet that doesn't despawn, and has cmdr level sci abilities, combined with weapons, weapons procs, and a stun for good measure.

A pet that can be summoned at the time of our choosing that brings in high level BO powers, like the danoobs with synergy effects, are just bad for PvP.

Compared to support vessels these warbirds have no opportunity cost, since i can't choose when my hull goes under 50%, if i will have enough time to call in my support betwenn 50% and respawn, and if those support ships will do something meaningful or not. Sure every 50 matches or so you get a dreadnought with a tractor beam that actually does something useful, but its a rare gimmick....and as that it can be fun.

The consumable pets are just like giving escorts hangarbays, or science ships, BAD ideas. If i want to kill npc pet swarms, i play SB24. If you want everybody to have access to TB, Chroniton and phaser procs, without any opportunity cost, just turn them on for everyone and be done with it.

I dislike pvp matches being decided by which side has the most pets out. But thanks to the fed carriers, the HEC, and the vesta this ship has already sailed. I don't hold my breath for any meaningful QnA regarding purple energy syiphon pods and danoobs either, wanna bet this was on the list, but somehow they got onto holodeck to early, since everyone is busy with Season 8. Not only do you release one wave after another of spam, you don't even test it before releasing it on HOlo.

SO here is my constructive feedack:
1) Screw NPCs in PvP.
2) At least test the stuff you put on HOlo, instead of asking for feedback that has already been provided and continuously been ignored, since before you or Bort were working for Cryptic.
3) And since neither is going to happen, stop half-assing it and go full in. 80% proc change for pet weapons, and make Doffs, Consoles, and Set boni applicable to pets.

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