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01-12-2013, 05:57 PM
I also wish for more KDF Costume options, especially in the footwear department.

Thanks for the pointers about the Temporal and Fleet costumes. I'll see what I can do. It's just too darn bad that those aren't account-wide unlocks. They are (the former, especially) too expensive for single-character items.

On the upside, there's this from the recent Ask Cryptic:

Q: (eisenw0lf) Will the KDF ever get access to the mercenary costume? There are lots of 'alien'-characters on the red side who would love to have something to wear which is not an Omega armor or a distinctive klingon outfit. Some people like to play a Cardassian or Romulan and they look just stupid in the outfits currently available to KDF.

Dstahl: We agree with you that non-Klingons need more costume options, although we don?t necessarily think they look stupid. Rest assured that we are working on some new uniforms for the KDF side in Season 8 that are similar to the Mercenary outfits because not all KDF players want to wear spiky boots and shoulder pads.

I just hope whatever S8 offers, it's account-wide.

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