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Originally Posted by brandonfl View Post
Support this thread. This problem has existed for way too long.

These test results are from April of 2012 and should be credited to Hilbert (Mancom)
""I got some data.

Firing on a cruiser with a bonus defense of 60.

Using dual beam banks of common variety. 15% bonus accuracy from skills.

Beam Overload 3 and normal beam fire both had 24% miss rate.

Call me lazy. Those were so close I didn't bother testing 1 and 2. I just moved on to the [acc]x3 test.

There was a difference there.

Normal beam fire missed 9%

Beam Overload 1 and 2 missed only 4%

Beam Overload 3 missed 20%

Enough of a difference to think it needs to have a look at.

So. Funny thing. I am surprised at the 4% results. I haven't parsed any data in a long while. If I could have BO3 hitting like that wow that would be great. I thought 20% was normal. Go figure."" Originally from 08/02/12

I don't think BO3 has changed much since that time. But hey, who knows.

Just to put that in hit figures right quick, common gear was hitting at 76% no matter what.

[acc]x3 was hitting 96% for normal fire, and only 80% for BO3. I guess modified beam attacks aren't a strong suit here.

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