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01-13-2013, 12:39 AM
Originally Posted by questerius View Post
We can sit here and argue back and forth, but i strongly suggest you check the exchange.
A purple shield goes for at least 70% and depending on the stats it can go to 150%.

Consumable replicated for 150, i can buy for 100 at trader and resell for 125 on exchange.

Would not have called it if i had not done seem it in person. It's actually nice pocket change from daily STF. Common/uncommon gear goes straight to recycle simply because the profit on those is nearly nonexistent, but rare/very rare go for very good rates.
No, I have to agree with latinumbar. I have taken purple shields, deflectors, and engines to the exchange many, many, many times and I have only seen the going rate be over 50% value once, maybe twice. Rare and below? Never. Not once.