Thread: Better balance?
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01-13-2013, 12:43 AM
I'd love to see the game balanced for PvP first, and then have the NPCs tweaked as needed to make them more or less vulnerable -- doing it the other way around just doesn't work.

Take pet spam as an example; it's something that PvPers always seem to complain about when more is added. That's because pets need to be pretty powerful to have a noticeable effect in PvE, but then that makes them too effective in PvP (while they are still worthless for scoring points by killing them).

Science abilities in general are the same way. If you can't pound through an NPC ship's shields quickly, it's because it has tons and tons of shield points, so stripping away buffs or using shield drains on it is not that big a deal. But do it to a player and they pop pretty quickly.

One of my personal pet peeves is still that certain captain traits are necessary for PvP (Elusive and Accurate) but not every race can have them, and if you didn't pick them at character creation, you're stuck having to grind levels, rep, gear, dilithium, etc, all over again. It's not even that those traits give you a little edge in PvP the way the traits which give you extra power do -- you can't be competitive without those two traits. They are really so necessary that they ought to just be automatically given to everyone. That is not good balance.