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01-13-2013, 02:15 AM
Not to call you a liar or anything; but there is no ay, NO WAY the BREEN ABSOLUTE ZERO set is posting those kind of numbers. It doesn't do anything other then give you 30.5 to transphasic torps which is like tossing hain of pepper into black sand and with the whole set you get the wonderful ability to lower the enemies power setting by 9.7 for 9 seconds which is so meager players and even npcs don't notice it enough to HE it.

It is the biggest joke of all time. It's worse then this, "A Rooster walks into a bar, the bartender says duck, the Rooster says I'm a rooster, the bartender says, no duck, the rooster yells I'm a rooster just before being cracked in the head with a bottle and the bartender says, no you're an idiot, i told you to duck two times and you still wouldn't listen."

See, just terrible...

But anyhow back to my point

Transphasic weapons have a 40% bonus to shield penetration power, nothing else, nothing major, if the sheilds are down yeah the do more damage but so does ever other torpedo. Now I will give it to you that it is well noted that in the latest patch THE BLEED THROUGH has increased to 80% for Transphasic Mines Except those launched by the Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo! So it's not the breen set getting those numbers and all it does is bleed through it does not actually raise its damage.

Now you may be getting those numbers on your own accord and contributing them to the Absolute Zero set which only works on transphasic weapons but it's only the mines that got the bonus and not the Cluster. If it did anything else it would be an interesting addition to rival honorguard as a torp platform set but because it does not then it's still blech.